Upcoming Events!

Got a pair of chances for you to catch me out and about, and to score a nifty Tales by Bob button!

This Thursday, from 7-9pm I will be taking part in the Read Herring 24hr Poetry Read-a-thon. I will be reading some of my favorite poems, as well as at least one of my own creation, at the Product of Montgomery location (1228 Madison Ave, Montgomery Al). I will be hanging out to chat books, promote TBB and Books, Beards, Booze, and perhaps recruit folks for my writing group if all goes well. Find me and mention this blog post and I will give you a button!

Secondly, this Saturday I will be at the Alabama Book Festival. If you spot the portly chap pictured above wandering around, please stop and chat me up! I will also have buttons to give away here as well, so don’t hesitate to come bug me!


Become a Patron!

For those who don’t know, I have a patreon account. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, how it works is you sign up to support my efforts as a writer with a recurring monthly donation. In return I post patreon exclusive content there every week. Most weeks its behind the scenes worldbuilding or flash fiction stories, but I also post sneak peaks and announce a lot of news there first. And all it takes is a dollar a month! You’ve probably lost that in your couch! You won’t miss it, but I will certainly appreciate the hell out of it. I have also instituted a pledge, that for each 5 dollar pledge I get, I will in turn support another Patreon for 1 dollar, because as creators we should always be trying to support those around us. Regardless, I thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you will consider it. Thanks!

Here is the link:


Camp NaNoWriMo is Coming…

So, while I have somewhat soured on NaNoWriMo (as a personal matter, it’s just served its purpose with me), Camp NaNoWriMo and I are still tight. This coming April I will be diving in again, setting a personal goal of 25k words. This should allow me to finish up Blightborn, and maybe even allow me to tackle a little Marsh goodness, depending on how much I write before the 1st.

How about you? Are you going to be doing Camp NaNo this year? If so, what goal are you setting? Have you done it in the past? How was it for you, compared to regular NaNoWriMo?

Marsh Talk and other Musings

I have been seeing a lot of buzzards of late.

That is probably not a great omen. But then maybe it is.

Last year, after writing my third Howard Marsh novella, I decided to try writing a full novel based around everyone’s favorite Methgician. It went…well…not great. I put, oh, 30k odd words or so to paper but I just found myself wildly discontent with how it was turning out. So I put it to the side, planning to return to it this year sometime, once I finished Blightborn.

I paused one night to talk to my friend Derek about my dissatisfaction with my Marsh direction however, and over the course of a few hours I decided on a different path. Marsh lends himself well to small mysteries, the type not well suited to novel length tales. This is why I am pretty happy with my three novellas, but hate the proto-novel.

So I have decided that I am going to take my three current novellas and expand them from 12-13k each to 30-35k each, and then write more novellas of that length. I have roughly 15 ideas in total at the moment in varying degrees of fleshed out. And my overall strategy will be to either get them published in pairs, or failing that, I will one day release them one at a time in ebook form on Amazon. I am excited to get started, in fact far more excited to do that, than to finish Blightborn (which is currently a struggle).

I am hoping to finish Blightborn in April when I do Camp NaNoWriMo. Once it’s done, I can dive into Marsh. I am also toying with attempting a ‘true’ crime podcast set in the world of Marsh, based around a short story I wrote some years back about an unsolved murder, some whistling ghosts, and a mysterious cemetery. And I am toying with returning to hardcore pushing my freelance writing.

But first, I need to finish Blightborn.

Then we will see if the buzzards are circling the corpse of my writing career. Or if they are carrying me towards Marsh on carrion wings.

Six Years!

Six years ago today I ‘published’ my first story. A poorly crafted, though creepy tale based on real events, I posted it to /nosleep. This was the beginning of my writing journey really. I wrote this story, then a few months later wrote another couple. Then came that first NaNoWriMo and I have never looked back.

I have come a long way, but when you’ve written close to 700,000 words in six years you have to. I’ve written dozens of short stories, finished two novels, written a handful of novellas, and am half way through my third novel as we speak. I’ve had stories published in anthologies, and had collections of my works published by a small press. I have also done a bit of self publishing along the way. Through it all, I have made little money, but that’s to be expected. I am building my voice and craft, and one say soon, its all going to pay off.

Six years down! Here’s to the next six!

Here is that first story, if you are interested:

What’s New In Bobland

Well thank god January is over.

It was a rough month from a writing perspective. I had Lasik, then got sick (allergies), then we had snowmageddon, then I got sick again (cold). It proved to be impossible to get any real momentum going, which equates to getting very little writing done.

But that was then. This is now.

As anyone who follows this blog will have noticed, I have been doing a lot of writing about music of late. It was one of my first writing loves, and it is something I can do when I am sick, as it doesn’t require as much focus or time. So that has been fun. The goal is about 2 posts a week, and I have been sticking to that pretty well.

On Blightborn, my fantasy novel, I have almost rewritten all the chapters I had to do. Only one left, and I plan to start it today (yesterday at the time of you reading this). Once it is done I can start back moving the story forward with new chapters. I would guess the book is about half way done, and the plan is to finish it by the end of April.

At the same time I have started writing a quirky weird book, and am about 10k words into it so far. There is no set goal for completion on this one, it will be as long as it needs to be, take as long as it needs to take. But it’s a blast to write so far. Maybe it will be done by this time next year.

My Howard Marsh novel is on hold. Its sitting at around 35k words I think, but I have decided to leave it alone until I finish Blightborn. I am also toying with leaving it alone to start a different Marsh novel, while I try to figure out what exactly to do to fix its problems. At the end of the day, it may need to just be converted to a novella, but I am going to chew on it some more and see.

I am working on another blogging project in the background, with an as yet unannounced partner and theme. But its got me excited.

I am also doing a worldbuilding project with a friend, which is always a ton of fun, even if nothing ever actually comes of it.

So yeah: its busy around here as always!


NaNoWriMo, 2017, Done!


With a day to spare, done!

This was without a doubt the hardest NaNo I have completed. I jumped to a early couple day buffer, but then had to burn it up due to the music fest I threw. From that point on I could never seem to get ahead again. Just too busy!

But its done! And I am a bit over halfway done with this novel! Come camp nano season I will probably finish it up if I haven’t already by then.

But this will be the last actual official NaNo I do I think. It makes me sad to say that, but as life grows more busy, it just stresses me out too much. Camp Nano is much more my speed, and has the added bonus of not burning me out. Every December I find I don’t write much, because I am just too burnt out.