Bonus Episode: Book Buzz Part 1

The guys are on their break, figuring out how to polish this podcast for you fine folks, so they dug into the vault to bring you part one of their rundown of the 51 greatest fantasy novels ever written. At least as according to Buzzfeed.

Link to the article:


Week Fourteen Book Battle Podcast!

The guys talk about what fantasy world they would most like to live in, as well as which one they would least like to. There’s also the usual chatter about what killer books they have been reading.

Week Thirteen Book Battle Podcast!

The guys imagine that if authors covered books like bands cover songs, which books they would want covered.

Episode 13: A Flawed Noise

Sorry for the delay, Bob had a power outage!

The guys decry terrible bourbon news, get dismissive on shaving beards, and go deep on Yiyun Li’s A Flawless Silence.

Carcosa Writing Retreat

I hosted my first ever writing retreat this weekend out at Carcosa, my home. Five of us sat down over 24 hours or so, and collectively penned a bit more than 16k words. I worked more on my Howard Marsh novel, while the rest worked on various fantasy works of theirs. Drinks were had, food devoured, and plots discussed. All in all, it was a great time!

Episode 11: Signs and Symbols

The guys discuss the latest book and booze news, and Bob loses his mind in the deep dive on this week’s story.

Week Ten Book Battle Podcast!

The guys debate which video game has the best, most compelling story. They also talk about what they have been reading and writing.

(and here is that book Bob mentions: )