Whiter Shade of Pale

The above picture was taken roughly five or six years ago. At the time it was taken, I had already started my novella Whiter Shade of Pale.

I finally finished it last week.

I have no idea what made this novella such a struggle to finish. I had the plot and ending from damn near the moment the idea came to me. And yet, every few months I would pick it up, try to finish it, and fail miserably.

At one point I had lost about 2k words in a file backup somehow. I was so pissed I thought I would never finish it, then a year later I stumbled upon a backup in a weird place that had the missing words. So it was back to the races then.

There was even one time that it had been so long since I had worked on it, that I forgot what perspective I was writing in, and pecked out about 3k words in 1st person, when the rest was in 3rd! It was a struggle unlike any other project I have ever had, and still, I couldn’t tell you why.

But now it’s done. Well, the first draft at least. And even though the entire time I have been writing this I have considered its name Whiter Shade of Pale, I am thinking it will see the light of day as Fake Empire. But that remains to be seen.

Moral of the story: damn it, I will finish! It just might take longer than anticipated some times.


Whats Happening In The B-Hive!

As usual, its been busy around these parts! Turns out buying a house has a tendency to eat up a lot of your free time, go figure! That said, things have been progressing nicely.

First, I started a new podcast, Plug Ugly Radio. A monthly podcast bringing you music from across the Southeast, it covers punk/metal/rock music mostly, and can be heard most places you get your podcasts from. It’s been a ton of fun to work on so far, so I can’t wait to see how this progresses.

Second, Books, Beards, Booze is moving right along. We broke 700 monthly downloads in June, which has me so happy! Our goal is to break 1k by the end of the year, and I think we can do it!

On Patreon, it’s almost breaking 50 bucks a month now! That pays for the podcast hosting fees, and goes a long way to paying all my webhosting as well! Hop on there and consider showing a little love, and in return you will get access to a number of behind the scenes videos, some free games, that sort of stuff!

It’s been hard getting back into the swing of writing to be honest. I finished up Marsh 7, and since then I have been idly working on Whiter Shade of Pale, a novella I have been working on off and on for over 5 years now. It’s…going. I am feeling the itch to start a new novel, but I haven’t decided what to tackle. Until I do, I think I am just going to feel restless and angsty about it all. Fantasy? Steampunk? We’ll see. I am settled enough in the new house that I feel ready to get back into the groove, so there’s that.

Anyway, like I said, lots going on, lots happening! Hope all is well with you guys, and hopefully I’ll talk to you all again soon!

News from the B-Hive, and 100 Days!

Sorry for the long delay! I made the mistake of buying a house and assuming all would go well haha! Instead it has been a bit of a slow motion train wreck, but at last there is a light visible at the end of the tunnel! For example, my bar (pictured above) is almost fully set up! So at the very least I can drink the stress away!

First, my 100 days. It’s gone very mixed, but the move is 90% to blame for that. I have done well about not drinking booze, and not one drop of soda has crossed these lips. As for food, not having a fridge for the first week and a half threw a wrench in the works, but today is a testament to the fact I am back on track. And even when I was having to eat out, I was trying to do better than I would in the past. Working out and writing on my off days hasn’t exactly been happening, but never fear, I have been getting exercise in the form of moving boxes and furniture. I have at least one more week of moving boxes, but then I will be able to resume my regularly scheduled routines.

Writingwise, I am allllllmost done with the 7th Howard Marsh novella. I will finish it this week. I am gearing up to finally get these published, just have to pick the month I want to start releasing. Tentatively I am thinking October, but we shall see.

The Books, Beards, Booze podcast is going great. Steadily growing, and we are really getting into the groove of things. And the Patreon is up to just over 30 bucks a month! Getting close to the point where this whole shebang doesn’t cost me money anymore! I also had the opportunity to be on Realms: A Worldbuilding Podcast recently, which was a blast. I am on episode 3, so go check that out!

Thank you for being patient! Expect more regular postings now that the move is almost over!



Whats New?

Here is your round-up of Bob flavored news!

  1. The podcast is going great! If you haven’t checked out the Books, Beards, Booze Podcast, what are you waiting for! It’s whereever you get your podcasts from.
  2. I have just cranked out a neat little cyberpunk tale, and am halfway through a second. Working on a little side-project with my buddy Ryan, and hopefully this time next year you might actually get to see it!
  3. I have started on my 7th Howard Marsh novella. Going well.
  4. My 100 days is going great, I’ll do a full update at the end of the first month.
  5. TBB and BBB was invited out to the Insterstellar Ginger Beer Company Sping Fling, and a great time was had! If we didn’t see you there, just know that you missed out!

Well, til next time, cheers! May everything go as well fo ryou as it has been for me!

Author to Check Out: Travis M. Riddle!

So over the past month or so I have devoured all the works of a newish author, Travis M. Riddle! I was cruising through Kindle Unlimited, looking or some good horror to read when I came across the above cover (which I think we can all agree is mighty eye-catching). The Narrows had good reviews, so I decided to give it a go.

And sweet mother was it good! The horror elements were great, solid representations of the genre, but what really hooked me was the emotional sub-plot. You could have taken out every horror element, and still have been left with an incredible book about faded friendships, loss, and how you really can’t ever go home again.

So with that under my belt, I just had to see what else he had on offer. And thankfully he has two more books out there:

Balam, Spring is a bit of a slice of life, fantasy,┬ámystery novel. It’s got some poignant moments, and some gut-wrenching loss, but of the three this is perhaps the weakest entry in his catalogue.

Wondrous is hard to categorize. At face value, its a portal fantasy. Only…you come to find out it’s not. What it is, is rich in emotion, with vibrant characters and a neat little bit of world building.

All three books are very, very different from each other. But what connects them is that all three have some of the best, heart-string tugging scenes and lines I’ve ever come across. They leave emotional echoes that resonate with you for days after you’ve put them down, which is powerful, powerful stuff.

So do yourself a favor and click those links and pick up copies of your own!

Alabama Writers Workshop!

So Friday I rolled up to Birmingham to attend the awesome Alabama Writers Workshop! I was wore out, but sometimes you just have to bull through the tired, and this was one of those times. I also got to hang with Daniel of Interstellar Ginger Beer, which is always a good time!

So there were some classes and the like, but none of that will interest you most likely. Suffice it to say industry insiders spilled the does and do nots of submitting your novels, and things of that nature. That wasn’t what I was really there for however.

No, I was there to pitch.

You see they had a number of book agents in attendance, and for a nominal fee you got ten minutes with one to pitch your book. It’s ten minutes to sell your novel, no query letters, no missed connections, just straight chatting about your would be bestseller!

So of course I totally botched my first pitch. It went terribly, and deservedly so the agent passed. But my second pitch went fantastic! Instead of trying to recite a poorly memorized pitch I just winged it, speaking from my gut/heart/analogy of choice, and it worked! The agent, who will remain nameless (until she decides to represent me I hope!), asked me to send in the first three chapters! Which is as good as you can hope for!

So keep your fingers crossed for me! Hopefully within the month I will be signed to my first agent!

1 Sheet RPGS!

So I have recently stumbled into the world of one sheet RPGs. Each is a self contained role-playing game that fits on one sheet of paper, and often has a silly premise. Some of the more popular in the genre would be ‘Lazers and Feelings,’ ‘Honey Heist,’ and ‘The Witch is Dead.’

For those who don’t know, small game design was a hobby of mine for years. All through highschool and college it was the hobby of choice when I wasn’t playing DnD or computer games. It lasted until I started writing seriously in fact. Because, in truth, game design can be very time consuming.

But with these…they don’t take that much time! In fact in about a week I have made six. It’s stupid amounts of fun for me, and it really scratches a very particular creative itch of mine. So I have decided that I will have a good number for free on my website, but many will become Patreon Content, or will available from me in person. And maybe if I make a large enough number I will put them up on Drivethrurpg someday. Who knows!