Kondo My Digital

So those who know me well, will be aware that I try to live as minimalist as possible. I’m not tiny house levels of minimalist yet, but that is a long term goal. For now though, its a little difficult to really cut back to the bare bones because of what all it takes to run the Tales by Bob Empire as it were haha. I have a lot of podcast gear, stuff for my con booth, computers for writing and editing, and all the other myriad little things that it takes to tackle all my projects.

It’s a lot, and currently there is nothing I can do about that. But, what I can do is work towards streamlining my digital presence. I have a lot of pans in the fire, and working by myself mostly, its getting hard to give them all the attention they deserve. So while I am not making any sudden decisions, I am going to be taking a long hard look at all the various ways I ‘spread the word’ as it were. And some of them will be getting the ax.

Most glaring would be tumblr and twitter. I have a tales by bob account for both…but why? I never actually engage on there, just post links to blog posts like this, or new podcast episodes. They get functionally zero engagement, and sure, I could start working to build them up…but I only have so much time in the day. I need to streamline, and I would rather have 2-3 presences that are top notch, than 5-6 that all suffer from varying degrees of lack of attention.

So in the coming months, expect to see less of me in some places, and more of me in others (like this blog which I have somewhat let slip). Like the tree in my original logo, things are going to get trimmed around here, and I hope it is to all of our benefit!


I Loathe Social Media

I do.

But it is just so useful.

I know if I am going to make writing a full time career I need to get a better handle on my various presences. I keep telling myself that I am going to start setting aside 30 minutes a day to posting on facebook, reddit, tumblr, and twitter…and then I don’t. Occasionally I will use on or the other from time to time. But mostly I just sit on my personal facebook and argue politics.

The reason though is I mostly feel as if I am shouting into the void, and no one is really listening. I crave engagement, and I am just not really getting it. It’s most vexing.

How about you? What are your views? How do you motivate yourself to manage all your social media accounts?