Deadline: January

I have been hemming and hawing too long. It’s time to make a real dive into my writing career, to really give it a go and see if I have what it takes. So to that end I am setting myself a deadline of January. By then I will have my writings ready to go, covers designed, advertising plotted, and release strategy developed.

The tentative plan as of today is that each year I will release a trio of ebooks in the spring, and a trio in the fall. They will be shorter, novella length roughly, and will then be bundled together into a full length print book. Some will be chained novellas, others will be collections of short stories. In the summer, I will release at least one novel or novella, something not tied to the fall or spring releases.

I have a huge back log of work begging to see the light of day, enough to put out stuff for about the next three years under this schedule. And now it is time to finally pull the trigger on it. Wish me luck!


The State of the Bob: 2017


It is once again time for my yearly review of what I have accomplished this year, and what I hope to accomplish in the coming year! In summary, it was a busy year! I got a lot done, without actually finishing a ton of projects. But that has just set the stage for 2018 to be a year where I could finish as many as three novels, which has me super excited. And hopefully 2018 is the year I get an agent!

What I did:

1. I finished edited up my horror novel Capital of Nightmares, and have sent it out to a number of agents, in hopes of getting it representation.

2. I wrote a fantasy novel, the first in a trilogy, named Battleborn.

3. I wrote half of its sequel, Blightborn.

4. I wrote half of a Howard Marsh full length novel, tentatively titled ‘Bringing Home the Rain.’

5. I reworked my short story Cass Lake for an upcoming submission.

6. I wrote another Howard Marsh Novella.

7. I submitted some flash pieces to an anthology (waiting to hear back).

8. I broke 400 likes on my FB page.

9. I went to my first writing convention, and was in my first two author/book fairs.

10. I had a steampunk collection of shorts come out.

11. I finished my second collection of Valko shorts, releasing it on ebook, then binding the two volumes together into a print version.

12. I completed NaNoWriMo again, and did my first Camp Nano.


What I want to do:

1. I want to finish up both books I have half way done.

2. I want to write at least half of another book, ideally though, a whole other novel.

3. Have the last of my steampunk ebooks come out, and the print binding off all 4 ebooks together.

4. Find an agent for Capital of Nightmares.

5. Do two Camp NaNoWriMo’s.

6. Finally get around to doing some typewriter busking.



I am running a pretty fun little contest over on my facebook page. Prizes! Books! Cash! Weee!

Go check it out!

I Loathe Social Media

I do.

But it is just so useful.

I know if I am going to make writing a full time career I need to get a better handle on my various presences. I keep telling myself that I am going to start setting aside 30 minutes a day to posting on facebook, reddit, tumblr, and twitter…and then I don’t. Occasionally I will use on or the other from time to time. But mostly I just sit on my personal facebook and argue politics.

The reason though is I mostly feel as if I am shouting into the void, and no one is really listening. I crave engagement, and I am just not really getting it. It’s most vexing.

How about you? What are your views? How do you motivate yourself to manage all your social media accounts?