Deadline: January

I have been hemming and hawing too long. It’s time to make a real dive into my writing career, to really give it a go and see if I have what it takes. So to that end I am setting myself a deadline of January. By then I will have my writings ready to go, covers designed, advertising plotted, and release strategy developed.

The tentative plan as of today is that each year I will release a trio of ebooks in the spring, and a trio in the fall. They will be shorter, novella length roughly, and will then be bundled together into a full length print book. Some will be chained novellas, others will be collections of short stories. In the summer, I will release at least one novel or novella, something not tied to the fall or spring releases.

I have a huge back log of work begging to see the light of day, enough to put out stuff for about the next three years under this schedule. And now it is time to finally pull the trigger on it. Wish me luck!


Officially an ‘Alabama’s Emerging Writer!’

Awesome news guys! I know I mentioned I was getting a short published, and that day has arrived! I am one of the dozens of amazing authors featured in this collection, and though I am only a tiny snippet of it, I hope you will go out an pick up a copy. I am honored to have been approached to be included in this, and today my heart is full!

I am not getting any royalties from it, but if you use the link below to order it, I will get a couple cents from the affiliate link. I know its a little expensive, but I and every other author included would love the support. Thanks!

Get a copy here!