News and Such!

Lots of goodness going on here at the B-Hive!

First, have a reminder that I will be at Gump City Con on October 20-21st! Not only will Derek, Superfan Tonya, and I be kicking it around our booth, I will also be on a panel! So you can get a double dose of Bob, which is easily twice as much as anyone ever wants!

Second, did you see us announce the contest we have going on? If you missed it, you can read all about it here! In short, do super easy tasks, possibly win cool prizes!

Lastly the Patreon is really starting to kick off! We have 5 patrons now, which is enough to cover one of our three monthly expenses! Just a few more and this podcast/writing enterprise will at break even! Thank you so much guys!


Patreon Overhaul!

So, after some deep thought and long chats with Derek, I have decided to overhaul the Tales by Bob Patreon. It’s now set up in such a way that if you want to support just Tales by Bob, you can. If you want to support just Books, Beards, Booze, you can. Want to support both (I love you), you can! Regardless of what tier you choose, you will get access to all of the cool rewards we will be offering on there.

What are these rewards you ask? Well they are two fold! If you like my writing, well, there is going to be a serialized story told there each month, set in my steampunk world. It will be following the adventures of my ‘steampunk avengers’ as they seek to battle the foul machinations of the madmen of Ghol Rhuin.

For those who enjoy the rambling chatter of Derek and I, we are staring a series of worldbuilding videos! In each one the two of us will be building a world from the ground up, using a neat little system I devised. Every month we will post up a video as the two of us on the spot create this world, and invite you to play around in it! Use it for DnD, writing prompts, whatever! Go nuts, we just want to know what shenanigans you get into!

The goal here is to cover the monthly expenses of the B-hive. Between Office, Libsyn, and GoDaddy, it costs 51 bucks a month to operate, and we are just trying to break even. Currently we have two amazing Patrons, and would love you long time if you took the plunge and decided to do the same. Only a dollar a month gets you access to two fun rewards, and helps out a pair of struggling content creators!


Worldbuilding with Books, Beards, Booze!


The first in a series, Bob and Derek begin building a world for their Patreon supporters. To see the rest of the videos, which will be coming out monthly, hop over to

In this episode we create the fearsome Brole, discover the realm of Cherish, and visit down a little divine wrath.

Want a closer look at the chart we are using? Here you go:



Become a Patron!

For those who don’t know, I have a patreon account. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, how it works is you sign up to support my efforts as a writer with a recurring monthly donation. In return I post patreon exclusive content there every week. Most weeks its behind the scenes worldbuilding or flash fiction stories, but I also post sneak peaks and announce a lot of news there first. And all it takes is a dollar a month! You’ve probably lost that in your couch! You won’t miss it, but I will certainly appreciate the hell out of it. I have also instituted a pledge, that for each 5 dollar pledge I get, I will in turn support another Patreon for 1 dollar, because as creators we should always be trying to support those around us. Regardless, I thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you will consider it. Thanks!

Here is the link:

Patreon Pledge!

For those who don’t know, I have a patreon account. For those who don’t know what that is, its a site where I upload behind the scenes type stuff from my writing for those who support the account. You can pledge 1 or 5 dollars, and once done, you get to see whatever it is I post. There are flash fictions, worldbuilding articles, samples from as yet unpublished books, and all sorts of other goodies.

That said, for each 5 dollar pledge I get, I will in turn become a 1 dollar backer on someone else I support’s Patreon. So really, you will in a round about way be backing two people for the price of one! And yeah, I will end up with less money, but as a community of creatives, we should be supporting each other I feel. Lets build all of us up together.


Hire Me!

So I am a bit under the weather this week, which has curtailed some of my more fun plans for my social media and such. It’s also prompted me to take a week off writing my book, because ugh.

It worked perfectly though, as I got hit with a number of small writing gigs for friends and such! So I thought it would be a good time to flog that horse. I am always available to write whatever it is you need written. I have been paid to write: band bios, noir tales about a cat, smut, business plans, resumes, book outlines, worldbuilding, magic item design, app storylines, wiki pages, you name it!

I am affordable, charging between 10-20 dollars an hour, depending on complexity. And whatever you pay me will be going into a special fund that will be paying for a number of neat Tales by Bob projects I have lined up! So why not take the plunge and hire a starving artist!

You can also hit up my Patreon! I will love you forever!

Books on Books on Books

I have had a couple of ancilery goals that I have intended to start working on for some time. And suddenly it dawned on me how they could work together! Its given me the motivation to start them finally.

What are they?

First is to read at least one book a week. I tend to read in spurts, where I won’t read anything for a couple weeks, then burn through three or four rather rapidly. I would like to keep up a constant stream of reading however, as I think it will help with my writing.

My second goal is to start getting involved in booktube. For those who don’t know, booktube is the community of book lovers on youtube, vloggers who talk about books they love and are reading.

So here is my goal: read one book a week. Review it on here. Make a short video about it for booktube. At the end of the year, compile them all and write a best of list.

I stay pretty swamped, so we will see how it goes. But I am hopeful!

Up first: Freedom TM, the sequel to Daemon, by Daniel Suarez.

Also: new patreon rewards went up this morning.