Spooktacular Bonus Episode!

It’s spooky season, so the guys have brought in Super Fan Tonya and together the three of them talk about their favorite horror movies, books, and games!

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Super Special Kiwi Bonus Episode!

The guys have flown Brand Ambassador Ryan in from New Zealand, and have assembled the team to do a special live episode! Questions are asked, shots are taken, ego’s and beards are stroked.

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Let Season 2 Begin!

So we have taken our break, sat back, and really dug into what we have been doing with the Books, Beards, Booze Podcast. We’ve talked to folks about what they like, what they hate, and everything in between and here is what you can expect going forward:

1. We will from hence forth be doing one thirty minute podcast a week (with an occasional, rare bonus episode). Every other week will be a Short Read, Tall Glass episode, so you will now have two weeks to read each tale (hey, we get it, life is busy!). The alternating week will be either a book battle or a…well, whatever we come up with. We want to start doing some interviews, things of that nature, so look forward to that.

2. The focus, which as been mostly on sci-fi/fantasy so far, is shifting entirely in that direction. That is far and away the genre Derek and I know best, so we are going to double down on that. Each Short Read will be from the genre (with maybe the occasional horror tale), and our other content will do the same.

3. Our booze focus is shifting to focus on local and regional craft beers and liquors. Instead of picking a drink that pairs with the theme of the story each time, we will each time pick something local and taste it ‘on the air.’

4. We plan to work in more beard content. Cause beards.

5. We will be starting to do some contests, with some neat prizes. Not to spoil any surprises, but lets just say Prime Day had some killer book deals, and that may be directly translating into contest rewards…

So Season One has officially ended! Season Two will run til the end of the year, with Season Three lasting all of next year!

Bonus Episode: Book Buzz Part 2

The guys finish up their chat about the 51 greatest fantasy series of all time, at least according to Buzzfeed. Back to the usual next week, with new formatting, and hopefully new recording methods!


Week Twelve Book Battle Podcast!

The guys answer viewer mail, talk about what nifty books they are reading, Bob trashes Wheel of Time as always, and they discuss what book they hate that everyone else seems to love.


Short Read, Tall Glass: The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

Short Read: This week’s pick is brought to you by Derek, and it is a doozy. The Ones Who Walk Away form Omelas is by Ursula K. Le Guin, and is unlike anything we have read thus far. If you aren’t left uncomfortable and wondering at the end of this, well, you are a bit more unmovable than we.

Tall Glass: In Omelas they drink beer. So this week we recommend you go out and try a locally brewed craft beer. Let us know what you tried, and how you liked it!

Read it here: http://harelbarzilai.org/words/omelas.txt

Pick up the collection from whence this comes here: https://amzn.to/2ISYsr6


Short Read, Tall Glass: The Rats in the Walls

Short Read: The Rats in the Walls

Many years ago, when Bob was but an idle freshman in college, he stumbled upon this delicious little tale of horror, and a life long love of Lovecraft was born. Quintessential H.P. Lovecraft, it brings forth many of the elements that the man’s work would become well known for.

Warning: Lovecraft was a racist twat. The language in his stories sometimes reflects that.

Tall Glass: Necro (AKA The Necromangocon)

Crafted by the B. Nektar Meadery out of Michigan, you should be able to pick up this mango and pepper mead in your local store that carries a wide selection of craft beers. In Montgomery Alabama for example, I snagged mine at Fillet and Vine.

From the website:

Appearance- straw-gold with quickly dissipating head.
Aroma- sweet and floral mango notes, followed by spicy black pepper and a spicy yeast character.
Flavor- fruity mango wine backed by citrusy honey brightness. Finishes with lively black pepper.
Mouthfeel- light carbonation creates a crisp clean feel that washes away quickly. Very drinkable.

Read it here: http://www.hplovecraft.com/writings/texts/fiction/rw.aspx

Pick up this collection of Lovecraft’s tales here: https://amzn.to/2L1pklM