Depression Cast T-Shirt

Ever break your arm or leg? Remember what it was like to have folks gather around and sign you cast? Clear, easy to see wounds are easy for folks to process, to commiserate over. But something like depression? There is no cast for that, nothing for people to sign. This shirt hopes to in some small way remedy that.

For those of us who deal with depression it can quite often feel like you are all alone. Sure, you know on some level that there are countless other folks out there with the same problem, but that knowledge can feel very distant. Having a visual reminder that you are loved, and that people care about you can make all the difference.

So I hope that you will wear this shirt, and carry a pen around with you, a sharpie, a marker, something. And I hope that you will get your friends or strangers to sign it, so that you will know that people really do care, and that you are not alone.

To be clear, I have the price set as low as Amazon will let me, and am not even using my affiliate link for this. I make nothing off of these shirts, I just want to them to go out and do a little good if possible. If you want one, here is the link:

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