Gump City Con in Review!

My first con as a vendor, as well as my first panel, and what a ride it was!

My goals going into this were two-fold: first to sell enough merch to buy the new podcasting gear we need, and second, to really spread the word about me the author and podcaster. And in this I was half successful!

Selling on artist alley was fairly dismal (not just for me, very few of the other artist alley denizens I talked to made back their table costs), so it will be a little bit longer before gear gets bought. But when it comes to making connections and spreading the word, man that went great!

I found several great people who we will be bringing in on the podcast as interviews after the first of the year for one thing. I also made a couple of great connections among the Roleplaying Community, that could be leading to some writing opportunities (for those who don’t know writing for video and roleplaying games is a dream of mine). And lastly I got to talk with a regional brewery, Interstellar Ginger Beer, who are letting me set up at their harvest festival next month!

The panel was fun to be on, featuring me and my friend Les Abernathy, and I certainly would love to be on more in the future! So I will certainly be looking into any chances I can get to jump on those going forward. We had some great questions, and I even had some answers!

So while I may not be rich in money (nothing new there haha) I feel like I am rich in the ways that really matter!


Gump City Con!

Hey folks, Superfan Tonya and I will be running the Tales by Bob and Books, Beards, Booze booth at Gump City Con. It takes place this Saturday and Sunday, and we will have all sorts of goodies for sale! Score a Tales by Bob shirt! Or a Books, Beards, Booze shot glass! If we make enough money, the plan is to finally purchase our upgraded podcasting gear! Woooo! Regardless, come say high, we want to meet you!

News and Such!

Lots of goodness going on here at the B-Hive!

First, have a reminder that I will be at Gump City Con on October 20-21st! Not only will Derek, Superfan Tonya, and I be kicking it around our booth, I will also be on a panel! So you can get a double dose of Bob, which is easily twice as much as anyone ever wants!

Second, did you see us announce the contest we have going on? If you missed it, you can read all about it here! In short, do super easy tasks, possibly win cool prizes!

Lastly the Patreon is really starting to kick off! We have 5 patrons now, which is enough to cover one of our three monthly expenses! Just a few more and this podcast/writing enterprise will at break even! Thank you so much guys!