Goodreads Challenge!

So I am trying to get more active on Goodreads (send me a friend request ), and part of that is I decided to take part of their 2019 reading challenge. I set a goal of reading 52 books, which I suspect at the current rate I will reach sometime around the middle of the year. Then I plan to tackle House of Leaves (let me know if you’ve read it, and what you think).

I am also resolving to leave a review on each book I read. As an author I am always desperate for book reviews, and it’s wildly hypocritical for me to not do the same for other authors. And Goodreads makes it so easy to do.

Periodically I will post up what I have read, and if you want to read my typically short reviews of them, check out my Goodreads profile.

Thus far:

1. The Dwarves by Marcus Heitz. Fantasy novel. 3 stars.
2. The Prophecy Con by Patrick Weeks. Fantasy Heist novel. 5 stars.
3. American Hippo by Sarah Gaily. Alternate history novella two pack. 5 stars.
4. Storm Glass by Jeff Wheeler. Fantasy audiobook. 4 stars (5 for production, 3 for the book itself)
5. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. 4 stars.
6. The Sable Quean by Brian Jaques. If you like redwall books, its par for the course.
7. Stephen Fry’s Secret Victoria. Historical audiobook. 4 stars.
8. Emergency Contact by Mary Choi. Y.A….romance? 4 stars.


News: Cruz and Booze

The gang discusses the week in news, covering the latest and greatest in the worlds of books, beards, and booze.
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Season Three Has Begun!

New gear. New setup. New software. Same silly people! It’s Season three of Alabama’s number 13th? 27th? 145th? most popular podcast covering the topics of books, beards, and booze specifically! We promoted Unpaid Intern Tonya to full Intern (she’s still not getting paid though)! Derek is still an ass! Bob still has trend-setting views on veggies!

This season we are looking forward to doing some road trips! Doing some interviews! Trying all sorts of new liquors! Stepping up our book reading game! Let us know what you want to hear, and we will try to make it happen! Got someone we should interview? Let us know! Got some booze you want us to try? Buy it for us!

Kinda crazy that we’re here, over 70 episodes in, and starting our first full year long season. I never thought we would get this far, and we wouldn’t have if not for you folks! So thank you for that!

News: Qatar and Kindles

In the debut episode of season 3 the gang discusses the latest in news about books, beards, and booze.

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Looking Back, Looking Forward!

2018 in the rearview, 2019 all up in our grill.

Looking back, 2018 was a pretty good year! I wrote a bunch, though perhaps not as much as I could have. I did a lot of living, which ate into my writing time a touch, but mostly the job change is what hindered me in the back bit of the year. Its been an adjustment.

But I finally got back in my old reading groove! The past three months I bet I have read 30 books. For the year I think I tallied it up as right around 49 books for the year, not counting any sort of comics. The goal for next year is 52, but at the current rate, I should hit that by the middle of the year, maybe August at the latest. My plan is to then finally tackle House of Leaves. Wish me luck!

The podcast was the biggest single thing I accomplished this year (not alone of course), and I am so excited to see where we go next year! We have all sorts of plans for it that I hope you guys will love as much as we do!

All in all 2018 was a good year, and set the stage for an even better 2019!

The First Annual Threebies Award!

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Year End Recap!

The gang takes a look back at the year, discussing all their favorites.
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