Cutting Class

Partnering with Seville Basement Cuts, I am starting a childhood literacy program called Cutting Class. The idea is that each child who is getting their hair cut gets to select a book to read. They are encouraged to read it aloud, with the stylist there to help them with any words they have trouble with. At the end, they get to take the book home with them.

To this end I have been collecting book and cash donations, and have so far acquired what I am guessing is close to 200 books. They are currently ranging from ‘learn to reads’ up to books like ‘Babysitters Club’ and ‘Hardy Boys.’ The goal is to have a wide enough variety that any child between 5 and 12 can find something enjoyable to read. We want to encourage reading, and help them grow their confidence in reading aloud.

If this goes as well as I am hoping, the goal is to expand it to other salons within Montgomery, and then perhaps even some of the surrounding towns! If you would like to help, contact me at