What’s a Buzzin’ in the B-Hive

Well it’s another week in the B-Hive, so there is lots to tackle!

Tales by Bob News: I have finally gotten back on the wagon with my writing! With the new shift and how generally busy life has been I hadn’t been able to put many words to paper. But that’s in the past! I am now about 4k words into a new Valko tale, one filled with all manner of monsters, good and ill, mystical and human! I am hype!


Books, Beards, Booze News: If you missed the announcement, you have until Nov 25th to read the amazing short story Fandom for Robots. That is if you want to be up to date with the deep dive Derek and I will be unleashing on you fine folks! Also, this week you won’t actually be hearing Derek! It’s looking like, due to schedules either it will be Superfan Tonya and I, or if worst comes to worst I’ll run solo and just ramble on about the news or some such!


Cousin Brody’s Weekly Book Recommendation: Eyyyyyy! Brody here with my weekly Bro-tastic book you should read! This time I sling you Brorney to the Center of the Earth! Brofessor Dad, a son named Axel, and a badass named Hans go on a road trip into the center of the freaking earth. If that’s not stereotypical bro, then I don’t know what is!

What am I reading at the moment: Audiobookwise, I am still on book two of the Gentleman Bastards series. Kinda stalled out on it while I catch up on podcasts. I am also reading the excellent short story collection Rogues, edited by GRRM. Hope to make some real headway on that this weekend.

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Cousin Brody: Three Classic Books

Cousin Brody here, bringing you a another half-six pack of classic reads! Get after it!


War and Peace by LeBRO Tolstoy. Fuck me, but can anyone keep Russian names straight? I know I can’t. And this book has like what, 600 characters each with about twenty names? Pretty sure some bro does something bro-tastic in here, but damned if I have time to suss it out. There’s jaagerbombs to shoot.


Dracula by BROm Stoker. You want to know the epitome of bro-ness? Three bro’s all proposing to the same chick, and still staying bros when the dust settles. Then tracking down and killing the supernatural being that killed the fly honey you were all after. Reminds my of my pledge class.


The Picture of Dorian Grey, by BROscar Wilde. A guy sells his soul to remain beautiful forever? Who got ahold of my diary, amirite!? But no really, two bros debauch in the most epic fashion, so much so that this book got censored to hell and back when it first came out. My kinda party.

Cousin Brody: Three Modern Classics

Cousin Brody the Libroian here to once more throw back a trio of shots. The shots of course being the best in bro wisdom, as I tackle three modern classics. Let’s do this!

On the BROad, by Jack Kerouac.

Is this the most bro book of them all? Maybe. Two bro’s, taking road trips, getting into shenanigans. Dean and Sal are the two sides of the same Bro Coin, the good and the bad, for better or worse.


Waiting for BROdot by Samuel Beckett.

A book? Nope! It’s a play. Mad about it? Come at me! Anyway, this tale is quintessential bro, as Vladimir and Estragon just hang out, chillin, doing bro things together.

A Good Man is Hard to Find by Flannery BRO’Connor.

A good man is hard to find in this story, that’s for sure. In truth their isn’t a proper bro to be found within the pages of this short story, unless you count the bad guys. Which, you could I guess. But that wouldn’t be very bro of you.

Cousin Brody: Three Works of Shakespeare

Cousin Brody here, back up in this show! I’d ask if you missed me, but I already know you did. Everyone misses their main bro Brody. Anyway, I am back, this time to lay a little knowledge on you about some of my main man Billy Shakes plays. Going for some more deep cut type stuff here, rather than just hitting shit like Bromeo and Juliet.


Broilus and Cressida. All about the Brojan war, and while its named after Broilus, its really mostly about Achilles avenging his bud Patroclus.  Not a super happy tale, but then what can you do?


Two Gentlemen of VeBrona. Valentine and Broteus hit the town, wooing honeys left and right. Broteus is kind of a twat, but Valentine (a man after Brody’s own heart) keeps it real, even hooking up with bandits and becoming their leader. Boss.



Titus Andbronicus. Everyone dies. Badly. Not a real bro to be found, in spite of the name. The End.

Cousin Brody: Three Classics

Cousin Brody the Libroian here, back from some debauchery in time to lay some knowledge on you. Today I want to recommend you three classics of bro literature. For each one you haven’t read, take a jaeger bomb.


First up, we have the Odyssey by Bromer. Look at that luscious beard, that is the beard of a true bro. So of course he would write this book! Its a tale of a bunch of brohams hopping in their bro-at, and cruising on home after a wicked Greek Function. Shenanigans ensue, as happens, which makes for a fun read. Best of all, it ends with homey rolling up on his wife and straight up slaying everyone trying to bang her. Classic.


Next we have Broliver Twist by M. Night….wait I mean Charles Dickens. Yeah, that last name always makes me giggle too. Dickens. Anyway, this book is about a young bro in training, who falls in with a rough crowd, but manages to get right, and more importantly, get paid son!


Lastly, we have The Hunchback of Brotre-Dame by Victor Hugo. This book is all about following the code of bros, and all the bad shit that happens when you don’t. The only real bro in this book, Quasi-bro-do, shows that bro-ness comes from within, isn’t just about having chiseled abs and a killer tan. Though that is a big part.

Cousin Brody – Master Libroian

Cousin Brody here, taking over from my lame cousin Bob, to lay some facts on you. In the weeks, months, and years to come expect to see me from time to time, throwing down some of the dankest knowledge, the finest puns, and the best book suggestions. I didn’t go to six years of college to get my Masters of Li-bro-y Science for nothing.

Want to know more about the classic works of Edgar Allen Bro? I got you fam. Have a need to learn why you should check out Bromer, reading rad shit like the Illiad? Look no further. Heard about the Punwhich Horror by Lovecraft and want to know what’s the fuss all about? Shit, done deal. All this and more are coming down the pipe, and if you know nothing about Brody, its that he knows how to lay some pipe, knowwhaimsayin?

So kick back, down some jager bombs, and get ready for the long awaited return of me!