Week Thirteen Book Battle Podcast!

The guys imagine that if authors covered books like bands cover songs, which books they would want covered.


Episode 13: A Flawed Noise

Sorry for the delay, Bob had a power outage!

The guys decry terrible bourbon news, get dismissive on shaving beards, and go deep on Yiyun Li’s A Flawless Silence.

Book Review: The Dungeoneers!

I had the absolute delight of reading The Dungeoneers by Jeffrey Russell.

In the finest tradition of humorous fantasy, Russell follows in the footsteps of the likes of Terry Pratchett and Robert Asprin, two authors I am very much fond of. In this book, the first in what I hope will be a long series with numerous entries, we meet Durham the city guard and the eponymous Dungeoneers. This organization is comprised of a group of expert dwarves who specialize in dungeoneering. The human Durham, who was never meant to be assigned to the group (a misspelled order sets the tone for the shenanigans to come), ends up sticking with the adventure regardless.

At its core the book is a heist novel, as the group has set out to recover the cleverly titled Mace of Guffin. As dwarves and heists are two of my favorite things, pairing them in a book together is a recipe for success. Along the way we meet the eccentric members of the organization, get hints at Durham’s ability, and explore a narrow slice of what has proven thus far to be an interesting take of a fantasy world.

I will be reading book two in the very near future!

You can get it here, and trust me, it’s worth every cent:

Carcosa Writing Retreat

I hosted my first ever writing retreat this weekend out at Carcosa, my home. Five of us sat down over 24 hours or so, and collectively penned a bit more than 16k words. I worked more on my Howard Marsh novel, while the rest worked on various fantasy works of theirs. Drinks were had, food devoured, and plots discussed. All in all, it was a great time!

Short Read, Tall Glass: A Flawless Silence

Short Read: This week we are reading A Flawless Silence by Yiyun Li, a tale where the smallest gestures can mean the most.

 Tall Glass: For this week we recommend you treat yourself to a nice bottle of wine. Knocking it from a table is optional.

Read it here:

Pick up her latest collection of short stories here:


Week Twelve Book Battle Podcast!

The guys answer viewer mail, talk about what nifty books they are reading, Bob trashes Wheel of Time as always, and they discuss what book they hate that everyone else seems to love.

Episode 12: Dogfur

This week the guys chat about the latest book news, how to pronounce French last names, the logic behind gold bleeding fat, and the Kelly Link tale Catskin.