Hire Me!

So I am a bit under the weather this week, which has curtailed some of my more fun plans for my social media and such. It’s also prompted me to take a week off writing my book, because ugh.

It worked perfectly though, as I got hit with a number of small writing gigs for friends and such! So I thought it would be a good time to flog that horse. I am always available to write whatever it is you need written. I have been paid to write: band bios, noir tales about a cat, smut, business plans, resumes, book outlines, worldbuilding, magic item design, app storylines, wiki pages, you name it!

I am affordable, charging between 10-20 dollars an hour, depending on complexity. And whatever you pay me will be going into a special fund that will be paying for a number of neat Tales by Bob projects I have lined up! So why not take the plunge and hire a starving artist!

You can also hit up my Patreon! I will love you forever!


Submission Diary 1

I will be detailing my submission process for my novels as I go, for those who that interests!

Back early in the year I went to the Alabama Writers Workshop, and pitched my horror novel Capital of Nightmares to a publisher there. I was asked to send in the first 50 pages and a summary, as the agent I spoke with did not actually handle Horror but her boss did.

So this morning I emailed off what she asked for! Wish me luck! This will be my only submission this year most likely, as my current plan calls for me to start sending both CoN and Battleborn off when I have them both 100% edited. The current goal is for that deadline to be no later than Dec 31st, so hopefully Jan 1st I will be sending out a wave of submissions!

Novel Number Two: Trivia!

Last night I finished my second novel, currently titled Battleborn. So I thought I would share some trivia about it:

I started it May 8th, and finished August 8th, which equates to 3 months/93 days. My previous novel took just over 2 months.

It is (in draft one) 77,627 words. That’s an average of about 834 words a day. I didn’t write everyday of course. I would say I probably averaged roughly 1500 words a day on the days I actually wrote.

50,000 words of it were written during Camp NaNoWriMo over the course of July.

The most I wrote in a single day was 5,001 words, which is also the most I have ever written in a day.

It is 233 pages long in my word document.

This took roughly 1 month longer, and is about 30k words shorter than my first novel. My honest opinion, this is better written, but my first novel has perhaps a cooler idea behind it.

I hope you found this all interesting!

New Direction?

A year ago today I talked about how I was going to change things going forward. I laid out a few goals:

First was to phase out writing short stories, except to finish up the projects I had on hand. Which I did! I wrapped up a couple of short story collections, and even self published a book of them.

Second was to finish my first novel, Capitol of Nightmares, and to focus more on novel writing. Which I also did! Its been finished since November, I just need to edit it up. I am also only about a week away from being done with my second novel, Battleborn!

In between I started one abortive novel, and wrote up a couple of novellas.

So here we are one year on. And I think like all journey’s its time to adjust my course just a little. So here is what will be happening going forward, and my goals for the next year:

1. I want to write a full length Howard Marsh novel. That may be my project for Nanowrimo this year, but I haven’t fully decided.

2. I would like to have started at least the sequel(ish) to Battleborn, Blightborn.

3. By December 31st, I want to have Capitol of Nightmares and Battleborn fully revised and edited so that Jan 1st I can start the submission process.

To this end, as I have grown in my craft, I am somewhat sad to announce that I will be taking down all of my self-published works over the course of August. I am no longer as happy with them as I once was, and maybe as time goes by I will be able to rework them to a suitable standard. Before I do though, I will have a few days where folks can get them for free however.

So there we are! New goals await!




Camp NaNoWriMo Winner!

The headline sums it pretty well up I suppose, I completed my goal for Camp NaNoWriMo. I set my personal goal to be 50k words over the month, and I did it with about five days to spare. My peak was a day in which I pecked out 5001 words, which is my personal one day record.

Battleborn has 4 chapters or so left to be finished, so I am hoping that by next Monday or Tuesday to be finished with the whole thing. It’ll come in at roughly 80k words I reckon, if things go as planned. Then I will be looking for some beta readers!