Upcoming Events!

Got a pair of chances for you to catch me out and about, and to score a nifty Tales by Bob button!

This Thursday, from 7-9pm I will be taking part in the Read Herring 24hr Poetry Read-a-thon. I will be reading some of my favorite poems, as well as at least one of my own creation, at the Product of Montgomery location (1228 Madison Ave, Montgomery Al). I will be hanging out to chat books, promote TBB and Books, Beards, Booze, and perhaps recruit folks for my writing group if all goes well. Find me and mention this blog post and I will give you a button!

Secondly, this Saturday I will be at the Alabama Book Festival. If you spot the portly chap pictured above wandering around, please stop and chat me up! I will also have buttons to give away here as well, so don’t hesitate to come bug me!



So I have been reading a lot more lately.

I was always a heavy reader growing up, that being one of my two main hobbies between the ages of 6 and 18 or so. And in my early to mid twenties I still read more than most of my friends. But as I hit my late twenties and got ever more busy, and something had to give. TV was the first to go. But then came books.

Oh I still read of course, but it was always in spurts. I would read a book or two in a week, then not read again for a month or two. Sometimes the spurts would be longer, or the lack of reading, but that general pattern lasted for years. Until this year.

Even before starting my work on Books, Beards, Booze I was reading more than I had in a long time. And with BBB to give me motivation and a reason beyond pleasure to force myself to make the time I have been reading up a real storm. This prompted me to do two things:

  1. It prompted me to sign up for kindle unlimited, and in turn buy myself a new kindle (the kindle 8 to be exact).
  2. Right after that, Amazon started a crazy good promotion for audible. So I signed up for a year of that as well.

So I want your recommendations! What books should I check out on kindle unlimited? What books should I listen to on my ride to work each day via audible? Let me know!


M3: Farewell and a few parting Vidyas

Those who know me are generally aware of the fact I tend to be a bit busy. I am pulled in a ton of directions at once, with all my various projects. And while I have enjoyed my brief return to music news, I just don’t really have as much time to put towards it, what with my regular fiction writing, plug blogging, books/beards/booze, and my patreon each week. Something had to give, and this is it. Its been short and kinda fun (like my penis), but it’s time to lay this to rest.

But lets go out on a good note! If you haven’t seen them yet, go check out the following two videos! First up is the latest release by Abusements ‘Troll Farm’ which is probably the best video I have ever seen from a Montgomery band.


And then here is The Last Thing You Remember’s entry into this year’s NPR Tiny Desk Concert contest. It also happens to be my favorite song by them!



Been fun guys! Thanks for reading along!


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For those who don’t know, I have a patreon account. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, how it works is you sign up to support my efforts as a writer with a recurring monthly donation. In return I post patreon exclusive content there every week. Most weeks its behind the scenes worldbuilding or flash fiction stories, but I also post sneak peaks and announce a lot of news there first. And all it takes is a dollar a month! You’ve probably lost that in your couch! You won’t miss it, but I will certainly appreciate the hell out of it. I have also instituted a pledge, that for each 5 dollar pledge I get, I will in turn support another Patreon for 1 dollar, because as creators we should always be trying to support those around us. Regardless, I thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you will consider it. Thanks!

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The Passionate Crimes: Conclusion

Final Part

February 19th, 1955

Passionate Crimes

It only took a few minutes of asking to learn that the V8 Death Car did a stunt show twice a night, at six and eight. It was half past seven when we learned this, so we made our way over to where the diver of the car had his tents set up. His little camp was on the very edge of the whole affair, tucked back against the tree line a half mile from the airfield.

There was a truck and trailer, and a pair of tents, but not much else. Knowing we stood out like sore thumbs we ducked into the trees, and lurked there, watching the camp. After a few minutes a gaunt man exited one tent, walking over to the second. Pulling wide its flaps it revealed the grill of a pristine ‘34 ford. It was rodded up, but it was clearly the same type of car that the infamous Bonnie and Clyde had driven. It was a beaut, all smooth lines and chrome, with a wicked flaming paint job that must have cost a mint.

The man climbed in and the car rumbled to life. It was loud, almost too loud to stand. I glanced at my watch, it was five to eight. The man was going to start his show. It looked to Damon. He nodded.

The moment the tail lights had faded, we we sprinted into the man’s camp. I was first inside his main tent, but Damon was barely half a step behind. It was dim inside, with only a single lantern turned way down low to provide light. There was little to see though. There was a cot, and two large chests. One of them had a padlock.

“Don’t look,” I told Damon, and with a grunt I slammed the butt of my gun against the lock. It broke open, and I tore it to the side.

I almost cried. Your demons, they come back. They had dug a hole in my heart, planted a seed, and watched to see me crack. And I had been cracking into shards for years now.

But seeing Angela Adams in the trunk, tied up tight and gagged, but still alive, it healed the biggest and deepest of those cracks.

I leaned in, and started helping her out of the chest. Her eyes were wide with fear. I tried to calm her, speaking softly. “I know you’ve been hurt along the way, but baby, that ends today.”


Damon was with the girl, getting her medical attention. I though was racing towards the airfield. I vowed he wouldn’t get away this time.

There was the squall of mic feedback for a moment in the distance, then I heard Christina’s voice come over the speakers.

“Thank you all for coming out! We are The Passionate Crimes, RocknRoll for apocalyptic times! I hope yall enjoy our tunes, and the little show the V8 Death Car is gonna put on for us!” The sound of the band firing up with one of their originals ‘RocknRoll RocknRoll’ was joined by the scream of the Death Car’s engine.

Cursing I ran flat out. On one level I knew that Christina was safe, but the thought of that madman being anywhere near my girl…I almost lost it.

Someone had taken a series of ramps and flaming hoops, big enough for a car, and lined them up and down the air strip, and it was through this that the ‘34 was making its way at breakneck speed. I was forced to stand at front of the crowd, waiting for him to come to a stop before I could try anything. He was moving far too fast to try and stop.

I was a ball of nerves, and felt ready to explode at any second. My hand was on the butt of my pistol under my coat, and I was gripping it so tight I thought my knuckles might split. I was cranked to eleven, and ready to roar.

After an eternity that might have only been a couple of minutes, the car screeched to a stop, slewing dramatically sideways. It was my time. I raced out onto the track, ignoring the cheers of the crowd. The man had stepped from his car, not having seen me yet. I pulled my gun.

The cheers started to become screams.

“Stop right there!” I yelled. “We freed the girl you bastard!”

The man turned, his eyes questioning at first, as though he could not understand what I was saying, even though he clearly heard me. Then it all clicked, and his eyes went wide as saucers. He dove back into the car, and slipped it into drive, flooring it.

He was headed straight for the stage.

I had time for one shot.


M3: Blue Yonder Video!

Local favorites Blue Yonder have made a great video for their song ‘Rising Tides’! More importantly, their Hawaiian attire spoke to my soul. So if you can spare a moment, please go give them a like and a share! I would love to see these guys on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert, so lets help make that happen!