Cousin Brody: Three Classic Books

Cousin Brody here, bringing you a another half-six pack of classic reads! Get after it!


War and Peace by LeBRO Tolstoy. Fuck me, but can anyone keep Russian names straight? I know I can’t. And this book has like what, 600 characters each with about twenty names? Pretty sure some bro does something bro-tastic in here, but damned if I have time to suss it out. There’s jaagerbombs to shoot.


Dracula by BROm Stoker. You want to know the epitome of bro-ness? Three bro’s all proposing to the same chick, and still staying bros when the dust settles. Then tracking down and killing the supernatural being that killed the fly honey you were all after. Reminds my of my pledge class.


The Picture of Dorian Grey, by BROscar Wilde. A guy sells his soul to remain beautiful forever? Who got ahold of my diary, amirite!? But no really, two bros debauch in the most epic fashion, so much so that this book got censored to hell and back when it first came out. My kinda party.


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