Three Great Fantasy Crime Novels

I for one have always loved a good fantasy novel with a bit of a, lets say criminal element. One’s told from the perspective of the thieves, and not those trying to catch said ‘treasure relocaters.’ Here are three of my favorite:


The Vlad Taltos Series by Steven Brust. Starting out by following a low level crime boss, as the series progresses Vlad navigates the deadly criminal underbelly of society, all while rubbing elbows with some of the most powerful denizens of his world. Get an  omnibus of the first three books here.


The Lies of Locke Lamora  by Scott Lynch. Is it the best heist novel of all time? Quite possibly. Following the exploits of an expert team of thieves it also shows their origin in the corrupt city of Camora. Snag it here.

Jade-City-Fonda-LeeJade City by Fonda Lee. Telling the tale of a criminal family getting into a war against their larger, hated rival, its a sort of Godfather meets Bruce Lee hybrid. If anything it’s even more awesome. Score it here.


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