Novel Number Two: Trivia!

Last night I finished my second novel, currently titled Battleborn. So I thought I would share some trivia about it:

I started it May 8th, and finished August 8th, which equates to 3 months/93 days. My previous novel took just over 2 months.

It is (in draft one) 77,627 words. That’s an average of about 834 words a day. I didn’t write everyday of course. I would say I probably averaged roughly 1500 words a day on the days I actually wrote.

50,000 words of it were written during Camp NaNoWriMo over the course of July.

The most I wrote in a single day was 5,001 words, which is also the most I have ever written in a day.

It is 233 pages long in my word document.

This took roughly 1 month longer, and is about 30k words shorter than my first novel. My honest opinion, this is better written, but my first novel has perhaps a cooler idea behind it.

I hope you found this all interesting!


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