New Direction?

A year ago today I talked about how I was going to change things going forward. I laid out a few goals:

First was to phase out writing short stories, except to finish up the projects I had on hand. Which I did! I wrapped up a couple of short story collections, and even self published a book of them.

Second was to finish my first novel, Capitol of Nightmares, and to focus more on novel writing. Which I also did! Its been finished since November, I just need to edit it up. I am also only about a week away from being done with my second novel, Battleborn!

In between I started one abortive novel, and wrote up a couple of novellas.

So here we are one year on. And I think like all journey’s its time to adjust my course just a little. So here is what will be happening going forward, and my goals for the next year:

1. I want to write a full length Howard Marsh novel. That may be my project for Nanowrimo this year, but I haven’t fully decided.

2. I would like to have started at least the sequel(ish) to Battleborn, Blightborn.

3. By December 31st, I want to have Capitol of Nightmares and Battleborn fully revised and edited so that Jan 1st I can start the submission process.

To this end, as I have grown in my craft, I am somewhat sad to announce that I will be taking down all of my self-published works over the course of August. I am no longer as happy with them as I once was, and maybe as time goes by I will be able to rework them to a suitable standard. Before I do though, I will have a few days where folks can get them for free however.

So there we are! New goals await!





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