Book Review: Freedom TM

Spoiler free.

I love scary books.

This one is scary, but in a totally different way that what I am used too. And soooo good!

Written by Daniel Suarez, this is the sequel to Daemon, which I read late last year and as such I was really looking forward to this. To be fair, I wouldn’t call this a sequel, its really just part two of one big book. I am not sure either really stands alone very well. Read them together, or not at all says I. Daemon ends too abruptly, and Freedom requires you to have read Daemon to make any sense.

That aside, this book more than lived up to my expectations, and I would argue was the better of the two books. It is a frankly terrifying book, due to how insanely plausible this disaster scenario could play out, but is also filled with all manner of snippets of hope. Where Daemon was basically a book that showed no way out, Freedom gives a road map to how things could one day be.

This book is designed to make you uncomfortable, to cause you to think, really think about the nature of how our world works. Who pulls the strings, and for what reasons. And most of all it makes you ask if you really are free? I am not sure it gives any concrete answers, but the thoughts it provokes are more than worth the sense of dread the book can leave you with at times.

Do I recommend it: Yes

What’s up next: Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King.


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