Books on Books on Books

I have had a couple of ancilery goals that I have intended to start working on for some time. And suddenly it dawned on me how they could work together! Its given me the motivation to start them finally.

What are they?

First is to read at least one book a week. I tend to read in spurts, where I won’t read anything for a couple weeks, then burn through three or four rather rapidly. I would like to keep up a constant stream of reading however, as I think it will help with my writing.

My second goal is to start getting involved in booktube. For those who don’t know, booktube is the community of book lovers on youtube, vloggers who talk about books they love and are reading.

So here is my goal: read one book a week. Review it on here. Make a short video about it for booktube. At the end of the year, compile them all and write a best of list.

I stay pretty swamped, so we will see how it goes. But I am hopeful!

Up first: Freedom TM, the sequel to Daemon, by Daniel Suarez.

Also: new patreon rewards went up this morning.

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