So I have had a Patreon account for some time now. It has sat there, languishing away for lack of attention. To be fair though, before this point I felt as though I didn’t rate one. My inner voice of doubt tells me I still don’t deserve one, that who am I to ask people to hand me money.

But I have battled my doubts and I feel I finally bring enough to the table. I have earned the right to at least ask, and not feel super guilty for having done so. So to that end, this weekend I went in an overhauled the whole shebang. I redid basically every aspect of it, and came up with a ton of new reward levels (ever ambitious). I named them for some of my favorite characters, and they include such things as:

  1. Monthly flash fictions
  2. Access to my worldbuilding
  3. Video chats and Q&A sessions
  4. Thanks on my website or in books
  5. Personalized stories
  6. Choosing what I write next

So I hope you will at least go give it a look. And know that if you choose to become a patron, I will appreciate it so much! You will have my eternal gratitude for sure.

My dream is to become a full-time writer. If about 300 folks would skip 1 starbucks coffee and instead use that to become my patron, I would be there already. A little bit can make a huge difference.

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