Dixit: A Review

If you have not yet dived into the world of board games, past your routine childhood ones of Life and Monopoly, then I can fairly safely say you have never played a game like this before. And, boy, have you been missing out!

A game for 3-6 players (though the more players the better), Dixit is a beautiful game, both in its artwork and its simplicity. Each player is given a hand of cards, each card containing artwork such as this:


Each of those images are one card, and they are all mini-masterpieces. You then take turns being ‘it’ so to speak. On your turn you select a card, laying it face down without revealing it, and then say a word or short phrase evocative of the card. Everyone else then plays a card from their hand face down that they feel fits the word or phrase. The cards are shuffled, then played face up. Your opponents then vote as to which one they think you played. If everyone chose yours, you made it too easy and you get no points. If no one chooses yours, you made it too hard and you get no points. So you try to strike a balance of obscurity and clarity, in hopes that one or two folks are on the same page as you, but others aren’t. Its tricky.

Tricky, but gloriously rewarding! I love this game with all my little pea-picking heart! Each card is a mini-story which I love (I can attest, I have written a few based on cards from this game). I have yet to find a simple game that better gets the creative juices flowing (though if you have suggestions I would love to have them), and it tends to be a lighthearted game that anyone can quickly learn.

Bob’s rating (1-10 scale):

Artwork/packaging/materials: 9   There is no better artwork in a game, but the actual game pieces are a bit lackluster.

Gameplay: 8   Good fun all around. More strategy minded folks may get board, this is definitely one for the more creative set.

Replay ability: 8    High, though you will get tired of seeing  the same cards. That said they have scads of expansions.

Ease of learning/setup: 8   Very easy to set up, and pretty easy to learn, at least with my group. I have yet to have someone not be able to get it after the first hand.

Total: 8.25



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