New Year, New Feature

Barely a week or so ago I went over what I aim to accomplish in the coming year. So no point in rehashing that again, if you missed it, just scroll down a bit. But there is a mystique to first days that calls for a post I feel like, and that shall be filled today by discussing the new feature I plan to do on here!

Board Games!

For those who don’t know I am an avid collector of board games. No, not ones like Life or Monopoly. I refer to games like Ascension, Tsuro, Ticket to Ride, Zombie Dice, Fluxx, and Munchkin. I have a closet overflowing with them in fact. A few days ago I cracked open that closet and hosted a game night and we played 4 delightful little numbers and it gave me the idea to start doing reviews of them as I play them.

So in the coming year you will occasionally get to read my thoughts on some of my favorite board games. And then hopefully some fantasy/steampunk/horror loving board game fanatic will find this and be inspired to buy one of my books! Wheels within wheels!


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