The State of the Bob

Inspired by Brandon Sanderson (of whom I am intensely jealous) I will be starting a yearly tradition: the State of the Bob, in which I discuss about what I accomplished over the course of the year, and what I hope to accomplish in the coming year.

So let us begin!

What I accomplished:

Well, I wrote. A lot. But it was writing with a purpose! Unlike previous years, I did not have any submissions to anthologies or literary journals, instead focusing on bigger projects.

Wait…I did have a story come out in an anthology…

Wow, I can’t remember what it was called. To be fair though, once it was out and I saw it, I was a little let down by it. That much I do remember. Anyway, on to stuff I am proud of!

First up, I self published a collection of stories about Valko Nayden, the hero of my dark fantasy setting. The Wolfhunter, as it is named, can be found on Amazon, here:

Next I published a small self help book, called Create Your Way To Freedom! It’s only a buck, and I think there is some really good advice in there:

In August the ever awesome Laser Blast Books released the next collection of my steampunk short stories, Red Sky at Morning. Featuring the drunken mage Roymond Altool and his adventure, it can be found here:

In written, but unpublished news, I finished my first full length novel, Capitol of Nightmares! I also finished off the other two collections of steampunk shorts for Laser Blast. I also cranked out a pair of novellas featuring my new favorite character Howard Marsh, the Methmagician. I wrote another collection of Valko stories. And then there the various other dribs and drabs, from flash fiction to poetry.

All in all, a very successful year.

The year to come:

In the upcoming year I have a few major goals.

  1. To get my novel signed with an agent.
  2. To get the next two anthologies in my Tales of Clockwork and Horror series out there.
  3. To then bind all four collections together into one print book.
  4. To release my next Valko collection, and then bind the two together with some added bonus features.
  5. To decide on which novel I will start on next. I want to write at least half, if not all of it. I have three major ideas brewing, two horror and one dark fantasy, so we shall see.
  6. To finish my collection I am calling the Worlds of Bob, where each story features a world of my design, or a strange twist on our world. The goal is to get it to around 50-60k words so I could self publish it in print form if I so chose.

It is a lot, but the bulk of the work is done really (other than that new novel). If I buckle down and get a little lucky this time next year I will have several books in print, to go along with all those ebooks. Hell maybe even signed with one of the major publishing houses, if the horror market isn’t completely glutted.

Til next year, have a good one!

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