What’s New

Been a busy few weeks, but that is no real excuse for keeping this more up to date. My goal going forward from here on out is one post a week. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, my novel is out with the beta readers, who seem to be enjoying it. Hopefully that will bode well, as in a bit of exciting news, I will be pitching it to an agent in Feb!

In non-novel related news, I really need to get my second collection of Valko tales edited, so I can get it up on Amazon. Once I do that, I will be binding the two together into a print version, with a few extras thrown in.

For my steampunk stuff, I have two collections with the editors now, so hopefully they will be getting published in the first half of this year.

As for what I am currently working on, I am not tackling any big projects for the moment, instead I am writing a few one off stories. My plan is to take them all and put them together in an ebook, showcasing all the different worlds I write in. We shall see!

How about you? What are you working on? Feel free to link up your project if you like!

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