The Carcosa Collective

I have a seed of an idea, one that maybe when time and money allows I can get off the ground. I would like to start what I am calling in my head (and now here) the Carcosa Collective.

Basically what it would be is a collective of writers, graphic artists, photographers, and artists who pool our time, money and resources to help each other out. How I see it playing out is someone (me in this example) would rent a space. But everyone could use it (just pitching in a little to help cover the costs). The artists would have a place to go paint. The writer, to write. On down the line. It would also act as a storefront and physical location for everyone’s business.

Alongside that, we could pool our money to hire an accountant for everyone. And even possibly pay a secretary for the group (or take turns acting as so). And run a zine showing off what we all do.

It would take a special group of folks to make it work. But man, would it be awesome.

One day!

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