My Writing Wants A Fan

It does.

You see I have ‘fans’ (read friends). And they are grand! They will buy my books because they like me, and want to help. At the end of the day though, that’s why they do it…not because they are actual fans of my writing. It’s rare to have anyone actually read what I write it seems. It makes sense though, what I write, it can be fairly niche.

I really think though that out there are people who live in that niche, and just haven’t found me yet. Those are the people who could care less about me the person, and care about me the writer. Which is a weird thing to want perhaps, but it is.

Currently my writing doesn’t really have any fans. It’s lonely. It mopes around my house, sighing sad little sighs and drinking way too much.

So what I write, it may not be for you. But maybe you could give it a share to someone you think might like it? Here is a link to my books on Amazon. Give them a look? A buy? A review?

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