The Game Plan Moving Forward

So I sat down yesterday for about an hour and figured out my strategy going forward as a writer. There is a lot to it, and some of the notes will only make sense to me. But I thought it might be neat to show you guys a little bit about how my mind works. This is my overall plan, my plan for my social media, and the plans for Waystone Magazine, the zine I run. There is a lot on here, but the dream is that each thing I can check off as done will get me one step closer to writing for a living!

Most relevant to here: I intend to blog here every Sunday 9the day I am setting aside as my main social media day).


Record audiobooks of my tales

Finish Gump Horror

Start attending cons as a vendor

Write a short for: A’ar, gun mages, knights, hunters, twin suns. Pair with Valko and Steam and release as one title.

Make good quality flyers, business cards, etc

Look into different types of merchandise. Shirts and the like.

Alabama book fair booth

Writing classes? How to get published?

Get stuff up on dm’s guild. Make supplemental material for my worlds.

A company that helps writers get set up and going. A collective?

Figure out from the page to the stage, and/or street performance involving writing


Potential products:

Gump novel ___

Southern horror collection ___

4 Steampunk novellas, then bound into 1 print book ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Valko 1, 2 ___ ___

Marsh collection ___

Worlds of Bob ___

Bladeborn 1, 2?, 3? ___ ___ ___

Steampunk novel ___

Marsh novel ___


Big Goals:

Finish Gump Horror by end of 2016

Finish a second novel by the end of 2017

Find an agent by the end of 2017


Social Media:

Look into tweetdeck

Organize contests

Start using reddit regularly

Start using tumblr more effectively

Blog weekly

Tweet/Facebook daily

Revamp patreon


Twitter goal: 1,000 followers by June 1st 2017

Facebook goal: 700 followers by June 1st 2017

WordPress goal: 100 followers by June 1st 2017




Find advertisers (Laser Blast Books)

Get business cards made

Start podcast

Review patreon


Goal: Have three paying advertisers by issue 5



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