Bama Barbeque Quest (Excerpt 2)

Chapter 3: Rock’s Famous Barbq and Catering – Prattville 8/5/16

After our Saw’s adventure a co-worker of Ryan’s, upon hearing him rave on and on about the ribs had a suggestion. He posited that we should go give Rock’s a try, as he maintained they had the best ribs around. Ryan informing me of this could be said to actually be the exact moment the idea for this book came to mind.

So a crew of us set out one Friday to give it a go. Located nearish to downtown Prattville, it’s just a short jaunt away from the interstate for those coming from out of town. The building itself is nothing special, but then this isn’t a book on architecture. What matters is on the inside.

The first thing I noticed upon walking in was how good the music was. There was an exceptional song selection, being a playlist of bluesy, soulful rock. It was the perfect music to chow down on tasty animal parts.

And boy did they have some tasty grub! I opted once again for a sampler platter. It consisted of two ribs, pulled pork, rib tibs, two large chicken wings, and two sides (I opted for fries and mac-n-cheese).

One thing I really like about the place is they do not put sauce on anything, just dry rubs where needed. Instead they have a selection of sauces on the table for you to sauce to your content. They had on offer a spice mustard and spicy bbq sauce, as well as one of the best, sweetest, molasses based sauces I have had in a long time.

The ribs were quite good, not fall off the bone tender, but full of plenty of flavor. I ate both plain, as the dry rub they used was great, and that is how I prefer my ribs most times. The pulled pork was on point, a good solid example of the genre that paired nicely with the sweet sauce. The sides were good, nothing mind-blowing, but not at all bad. And the rib tips, which I was most excited about were really good. Tons of flavor, perfectly cooked. Fantastic.

All that said, the damn chicken wings, which I only got because they came with the sampler, stole the show. I love wings, but when I walk into a bbq joint the last thing I will order will be the wings. But these wings…perfection. They were large and meaty, with an amazing smoky flavor. Now the ones I got were plain (til a little sauce got put on) but you can get them in a variety of flavors I recall.

Around the table, our buddy D-money opted for some BBQ cheddar fries that looked out of this world, and he said they were. And my brother Anthony, doing a low-carb diet, was able to exchange the sides of his sampler for more meat, which was nice.

The service was really good too. Our waitress was exceptionally nice, and Rock, manning the register, was very friendly. Overall it had a great atmosphere.

All in all it was a great experience, and I would (and have) recommend it to anyone.

Ryan’s Thoughts: “Even if the BBQ sucked, which it definitely did not, the choice of music playing over the house speakers and the friendly staff would have prevented the visit from being terrible. The smoked wings nearly stole the whole show.”

Must Get: The rib tips or the chicken wings (though it pains me to say it). I would go with the sampler, but then, I always go with the sampler pretty much.


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