A Crisis of Faith and a New Beginning

Recently I have begin to have creeping doubts about my ability. A few bad reviews rolled in, a few rejections. Nothing new, and still far outweighed by the positive reception of my works. But a small, niggling doubt crept up.

Like a weed in the sidewalk cracks it grew from nowhere and caused me to take a long, deep look at what I am trying to do here. I want to be a writer for a living. But is what I am doing currently getting me there?

I have come to the conclusion that it is not. At least not at a rate that will have be reach my goal before I die of old age. So I have decided to take a new tack on my path forward. I will still write shorts, as they are my first love. But the time has come to really buckle down and focus on novels. To cut the fat from my writing life and really dig into the meat and get things done.

I am closing down my Fiverr to cut down distractions.

I have roughly 30 thousand words of shorts to finish up all my outstanding projects.

And I have created this new blog, one that actually is named to match my brand.

Out there being beta read I have half a novel waiting on me to finish it. So with a bit of luck, and a lot of perseverance, within the year it will be finished and out there in rejection/acceptance land.

Wish me luck.

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