Gump City Con!

Hey folks, Superfan Tonya and I will be running the Tales by Bob and Books, Beards, Booze booth at Gump City Con. It takes place this Saturday and Sunday, and we will have all sorts of goodies for sale! Score a Tales by Bob shirt! Or a Books, Beards, Booze shot glass! If we make enough money, the plan is to finally purchase our upgraded podcasting gear! Woooo! Regardless, come say high, we want to meet you!


Cousin Brody: Three Classic Books

Cousin Brody here, bringing you a another half-six pack of classic reads! Get after it!


War and Peace by LeBRO Tolstoy. Fuck me, but can anyone keep Russian names straight? I know I can’t. And this book has like what, 600 characters each with about twenty names? Pretty sure some bro does something bro-tastic in here, but damned if I have time to suss it out. There’s jaagerbombs to shoot.


Dracula by BROm Stoker. You want to know the epitome of bro-ness? Three bro’s all proposing to the same chick, and still staying bros when the dust settles. Then tracking down and killing the supernatural being that killed the fly honey you were all after. Reminds my of my pledge class.


The Picture of Dorian Grey, by BROscar Wilde. A guy sells his soul to remain beautiful forever? Who got ahold of my diary, amirite!? But no really, two bros debauch in the most epic fashion, so much so that this book got censored to hell and back when it first came out. My kinda party.

Books, Beards, BURROS!

Bob makes a complete ass of himself. Derek seeks to sabotage.

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Three Great Fantasy Crime Novels

I for one have always loved a good fantasy novel with a bit of a, lets say criminal element. One’s told from the perspective of the thieves, and not those trying to catch said ‘treasure relocaters.’ Here are three of my favorite:


The Vlad Taltos Series by Steven Brust. Starting out by following a low level crime boss, as the series progresses Vlad navigates the deadly criminal underbelly of society, all while rubbing elbows with some of the most powerful denizens of his world. Get an  omnibus of the first three books here.


The Lies of Locke Lamora  by Scott Lynch. Is it the best heist novel of all time? Quite possibly. Following the exploits of an expert team of thieves it also shows their origin in the corrupt city of Camora. Snag it here.

Jade-City-Fonda-LeeJade City by Fonda Lee. Telling the tale of a criminal family getting into a war against their larger, hated rival, its a sort of Godfather meets Bruce Lee hybrid. If anything it’s even more awesome. Score it here.

Spooktacular Bonus Episode!

It’s spooky season, so the guys have brought in Super Fan Tonya and together the three of them talk about their favorite horror movies, books, and games!

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Book Review: Warbreaker

The 7th Brandon Sanderson novel I have read now, and honestly, I think it is the best. The Stormlight Archive is really good as well, but I will reserve full judgment til it has finished. Warbreaker though…

I think this is the tightest read of all his books. Other than a dalliance that runs a little long with one character, each storyline is nice and tight and builds to a great conclusion. All the little loose ends are wrapped up, while still leaving you longing for more. the magic system, as you would expect from Sanderson, is well thought out and amazingly innovative. The world building is on point, and the characters feel real. If you like Sanderson’s writing, then what are you waiting for?

Get a copy of your own here. Also keep your eye out for Superfan Tonya and I’s podcast deep dive on the book (but warning, its rife with spoilers, so only listen after you have read!).

News and Such!

Lots of goodness going on here at the B-Hive!

First, have a reminder that I will be at Gump City Con on October 20-21st! Not only will Derek, Superfan Tonya, and I be kicking it around our booth, I will also be on a panel! So you can get a double dose of Bob, which is easily twice as much as anyone ever wants!

Second, did you see us announce the contest we have going on? If you missed it, you can read all about it here! In short, do super easy tasks, possibly win cool prizes!

Lastly the Patreon is really starting to kick off! We have 5 patrons now, which is enough to cover one of our three monthly expenses! Just a few more and this podcast/writing enterprise will at break even! Thank you so much guys!